Need of Betfair API

Betfair is the biggest bookmaker and betting website since 2 decades.Betfair's odds are very reliable and it provide many markets at a time which make it more favourite of people of gambling industry.Betfair API is used to get odds from betfair to another website where he can bet on betfair odds.

Online betting in india

Online betting in India is in starting phase but it is increasing day by day in great proportion.More than 10 lakh users are presently betting on local Indian websites in India.Bookies are developing there own website from local I.T companies to make there user bet on there own website.

Online betting website development

Developing a betting website is a very tedious job because betting website requires lots of accounting in its every part.In india generally four panel system is in market which is

Requiements to develop betting website

To develop your own betting website you need follwing things:
(1)Betfair API-It is the most important thing to develop your own betting website by which you will get odds from Betfair.

(2)User responsive design-

Design of betting website attracts the user.It should be very eye-catching.It should be mobile responsive.

(3)Effecient Server-

Betting website requires an effecient server which can process all its request from betfair very easily.It should be able to hold many number of functionalties at a time.