Sports Exchnage API

The Exchange API is for developers looking to create automated betting systems or custom betting interfaces for themselves or for Betfair customers. The Exchange API is available for the Global, Spanish and Italian Betfair Exchange.The API contains a powerful set of features that enable advanced market navigation, search, odds retrieval, bet placement and sports related data retrieval.You can:

  • Build your own trading interface, customised to suit your own trading needs
  • Automate a successful trading strategy or algorithm
  • Publish Exchange odds on your website as part of our Affiliate Programme.
  • Use Exchange data as part of your bookmaking business (fees apply).

The Exchange API is made up of the following key components:-

  • Betting API:-Contains exchange market navigation,odds reterival and bet placement opertions
  • Accounts API:-Contains accounts related operations such as the ability to reterive your available accounts balance as well as vendor services .
  • Exchange stream API:-Allow you to subscribe to market chnages.
  • Race status API:-Allow you to establish the status of horse race.

Benefits And Exchange

  • Access to the exchange API is free of charge for developmemt purpose.all developers for personal use only.
  • Reterive Matched and unmtached bets and prices available in a single request.
  • Reterive data from multiple market in one request.
  • Lightweight protocol(JSON/JSON-RPC).

JSON/JSON-RPC protocol

JSON stands for javascript object notation is a open standrad file format that uses human readable text to transmit data objec. JSON is a language independent data format.It is easy for humans read and write. It is used to tranfer data betwwen server and client on the web.JSON-RPC stands for remote procedure call protocol encoded in JSON.JSON-RPC allows for notifications.

Exchange Streming API

The Exchange Streaming API provides low access to Betfair Exchange market data allowing you to subscribe and changes to market, price and order data.

Exchnage Platform API

Betfair provides sinlge platform to exchnage API.Here all the APIs are availale.

How do I get Start?

To use the Exchange API you require the following:-

  • A betfair Account
  • An Application Key
  • A session Token


The Betfair API offers three login flows for developers

  • Non-Interactive login:-If you run an application which run automatically.
  • Interactive login:-if you are building an application which will be used interactively, then this is the flow for you.

This flow has two variants:

  • Interactive login - API method - This flow makes use of a JSON API Endpoint and is the simplest way to get started if you are looking to create your own login form.
  • Interactive login - Desktop Application- This login flow makes use of Betfair's login pages and allows your app to gracefully handle all errors and re-directions in the same way as the Betfair website.