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{ "data": { "id": 5932822, "league_id": 2, "season_id": 7907, "stage_id": 56492, "round_id": 136891, "group_id": 154, "aggregate_id": null, "venue_id": 1315, "referee_id": 3, "localteam_id": 6, "visitorteam_id": 3468, "weather_report": { "code":"clear", "type":"clear sky", "temperature": { "temp":53.82, "unit":"fahrenheit" }, "clouds":"0%", "humidity":"81%", "wind": { "speed":"2.24 m/s", "degree":null } }, "commentaries": true, "attendance": 83782, "pitch": "Good", "winning_odds_calculated": true, "formations": { "localteam_formation": "3-5-1-1", "visitorteam_formation": "4-3-1-2" }, "scores": { "localteam_score": 3, "visitorteam_score": 1, "localteam_pen_score": null, "visitorteam_pen_score": null, "ht_score": "1-0", "ft_score": "3-1", "et_score": null }, "time": { "status": "FT", "starting_at": { "date_time": "2017-11-01 19:45:00", "date": "2017-11-01", "time": "19:45:00", "timestamp": 1509565500, "timezone": "UTC" }, "minute": 90, "extra_minute": null, "injury_time": 3 }, "coaches": { "localteam_coach_id": 455358, "visitorteam_coach_id": 407775 }, "standings": { "localteam_position": 1, "visitorteam_position": 2 }, "deleted": false, "localTeam": { "data": { "id": 6, "legacy_id": 148, "name": "Tottenham Hotspur", "twitter": "@SpursOfficial", "country_id": 462, "national_team": false, "founded": 1882, "venue_id": 1315 } }, "visitorTeam": { "data": { "id": 3468, "legacy_id": 117, "name": "Real Madrid", "twitter": "@realmadrid", "country_id": 32, "national_team": false, "founded": 1902, "venue_id": 2020 } }

Well structured JSON responses

  • Our well structured JSON responses make your implementation a breeze.
  • Make use of open source packages built by our community. Check here what programming languages are supported.
  • Use our easy to understand documentation. Now available with an API browser to directly call the API and immediately see the JSON response.

Build powerful apps with realtime data

  • Our API's are always LIVE and up to date.
  • Game events are reflected in realtime with almost no delay!
  • Our API's are well designed making them easy to read and understand.

Sports Betting API Solutions

Betfair API

We provide Live Betfair API which allows any exchange to show betfair odds on their website.

bet365 API

We provide Live bet365 API which allows any exchange to show odds on their website.

Live T.V

In Live T.V API we provide live streaming of all sports


The Sportsbook service gives you advance and impressive Betting feature of the bet made on sports betting game.

Live Score

The Live score API Solution is stipulate the current live game score by the Live Score API services.

Live Odds

This feature is based on a payout where you can create new betting market solutions to change the participant winning way.

Build amazing products with realtime sports data.

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